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Material sellection

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Material sellection

It is a wooden material that is not affected by water and moisture by placing a protective layer on thin wood layers made of plywood wood material, which are placed on each other at a diagonal right angle and glued and pressed with a special material such as WBP glue (Water and Boil Proof).

Since thin plywood layers of wood are placed diagonally and at right angles to each other, its strength is quite high. Plywood film is produced in two types with and without film coating. If the purpose of the film here is to obtain a very flat surface if the film is coated, a ragged surface can be obtained if there is no film. Plywood is generally used in construction works for molding.

Raw materials--- Carb – E1 standarts with all certificated

Particleboard(Cheapboard)  It is a board obtained by mixing wood chips with certain chemical binders and pressing them. It is frequently used in the furniture industry. It is produced in various thicknesses. It is not resistant to water and burning. It is produced in various qualities and the impact resistance varies according to the quality.

MDF (Medium-density fiberboard): is a wooden product designed in the form of a board formed with wax and resin glue under high temperature and pressure after breaking down hard or soft wood residues and turning them into wood.

MDF is preferred because of its homogeneous density in every point, its ability to be obtained in standard sizes, its perfection in milling processes, and its good retention of screws applied from the surface and edges.

MDFLAM is produced by coating MDF board with decorative paper that becomes fireproof and waterproof by impregnating melamine resin and glue with technological impregnation machines.